Creepy Cat Gives Owner A Scare

Storyful Published July 8, 2019 3,526 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensDo you think that cats are animals with a very curious and particular personality? Then you will love to see this interesting video! Most people who have cats as pets say that each cat has a different personality, since each cat acts in a different way and seems to understand perfectly the behavior of people. The truth is that people who say that each cat has a different personality may be right, because the cat shown in this video seems to have a great taste for horror movies and suspense, as it acts oddly while playing with its owner. This cat is really creepy!

In Modesto, California, a cat named Chiki and her owner named Crystal Soto love to play and have fun together, especially when they act so terrifyingly. Crystal Soto has been responsible for making Chiki a superstar in the famous TikTok videos, and currently has many really interesting videos. Although Chiki is a very adorable cat, this video clearly shows that you can also become a creepy feline if you wish. Throughout the video, you can see how Crystal Soto tries to play a game called Peekaboo with her cat Chiki in a corner of her house, but everything becomes really spooky when Chiki surprises Crystal Soto when she least expects it and that's why she gets scared . Chiki is a professional cat.

TikTok is an application for mobile devices that is currently in development and is mainly oriented to Android and iOS operating systems. It is an application that allows people to share videos that are interesting for the general public, especially related to comedy. Currently many take the task of sharing fun and interesting things on the Internet, and this is quite good, as they help make it easy to find entertainment on the Internet, and in many cases, cats are often the protagonists of the stories.

There are many types and breeds of cats, this makes the personality and appearance of cats have a lot of variety and behave differently, although they all have something in common, they are all adorable felines. It is proven that cats are animals capable of perceiving and identifying the emotions of people, and for this reason, they always know what is the right time to play and have fun with their owners. Taking into account that cats can understand the behavior of people, this allows them to understand the games, so Chiki can play Peekaboo with its owner and enjoy it while acting in a chilling way.

It is proven that playing with cats makes it much easier to create a bond of friendship with them, so it is advisable to always play with them and thus ensure that they are always happy and that they in turn become our faithful allies. Taking into account that cats are pretty fast and agile animals, it is very easy to play with them, so there is no excuse not to have fun with the cats. This is the most adorable and spooky cat you'll see in a long time!


  • mohamaddghaim, 6 weeks ago

    very nice

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  • wildlifebernie, 6 weeks ago

    OMG, that is funny!

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  • debdeb, 6 weeks ago

    My cat's weird like that too. She'll actually sneak up behind me and when I turn around I'll jump. The she'll take off running crazy fast to her bed and act like she didn't do anything. Cat's are sneaky!!

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  • ronald1216, 6 weeks ago


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