Friendly Fox Surprises Reader Under Tree

Storyful Published July 5, 2019 1,178 Plays

Rumble / Wild WildlifeMother Nature can surprise us more every day, especially when it comes to the oceans, since nobody knows what is hidden in the depths of some oceans, so the oceans remain a mystery to most people, there are even people that fear the ocean. There are new creatures that are often found at the bottom of the sea and this generates insecurity and panic in some people, although for others it is a historical fact that you should know how to appreciate, since it is something that is not seen every day.

It is necessary that we respect the maritime rules, since they were created mainly for our well-being, often people tend to ignore these rules, but in some cases they tend to be fundamental for survival. In this case, we can see how the people in the container ship are a little scared, but they know how to stay calm, and that is very important.
Most people think that the oceans are the biggest mystery on the planet, and that is something that should not be questioned.

Having said all this, we have yet to see a wild animals, such as a fox get this close up to a human being. Having to live in the wild and get little to no human contact, these guys prefer to keep as far as possible away from humans. However, in this particular case we get to see the exact opposite. Now we can't be certain why it is that this fox is so confident but for couple of reasons that come to mind, this fox seems to believe that humans are its friends, which of course that's the way it should be unless it sees us as food.

Take a look at this video as it describes a truly beautiful story. Matthew Thomas Clarke was enjoying a nice book underneath a tree in Sutton, England, when, seemingly out of nowhere, a fox approached him on July 3. Clarke recorded as the animal appeared to try and pull at his shoelaces, possibly attempting to remove his shoes. The fox seemed to realize that the shoes were not going to come off Clarke’s feet, and it laid down in the grass next to him. This is surely not what Clarke expected when he sat down for a leisurely read, but it was a welcome interruption nonetheless.

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