Bullied As A Teen 56-Year-Old High School Dropout Finally Graduates

Newsflare Published July 3, 2019 749 Plays

Rumble / Priceless MomentsIt is never too late to be a high school graduate. After all, education does not distinguish according to age. This father serves as an inspiration to everyone. See him with all smiles as he paraded with students in this high school in Winnipeg, Canada.

One question that may be common in both the audience in that hall and the online audience is what prevented this man from completing his high school when he was a teen? Surely, it is not because of lack of interest in education. The reason was bullying. This is one of the major concerns from the dawn of the history of education. One can be bullied just for anything. Someone may be bullied because of not being able to catch up with the lesson, others may be bullied for their physical attributes that is not common in the class. For instance, a boy was bullied for his curly hair because everyone else in the class had straight hair. Any unique trait can be a reason to be bullied in school. Any nonconforming opinion, idea, or character can give a reason for bullies to pick on you. For this man, it was because of his small stature. He was not only bullied verbally with all different labels they call him but also, unfortunately, physically bullied – pushing, pinning against the wall, shoving and ripping his homework.

He was only 16 when he decided to end his ordeal. He quit school at the peak of anyone else’s stage of weaving their journey in the educational arena. Was this not the time when you have those visions of what you would like to pursue in college? Which college you will be targeting and taking steps to get nearer to these goals? Bullying is an “ugly truth” in school – the place where we want to be with high hopes that we build our future brighter.

Nonetheless, as this man had demonstrated, it is never too late – if you missed that opportunity then, you can created that opportunity again. Some may say that opportunities knocks only once but maybe you need not to wait for it to knock again because it may not be at that door again. Then you just need to open that door and enter into a new opportunity.

Graduation is that one moment in our life where we feel accomplished. This is it – the mark of academic achievement! For many, they celebrate it with their parents. For this man, he is uniquely lucky, he celebrates it as a parent. Kudos to him – his graduation is not only a moment of celebrating achievement but above all, a testimony of perseverance. What an inspiring story.


  • tootsteens, 1 week ago

    He stands as an inspiration to everyone - t is never too late to tick those items in your bucket list. What a touching story of perseverance.

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  • DavidMcNab, 1 week ago

    Good job. Congratulations sir!

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