Officer Adorably Pulls Over Toddler Daughter

Published July 2, 2019 77,052 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsToddler is the stage between infancy and preschool years. It is between the ages 12 to 36 months old. During this stage there is a tremendous intellectual, social, and emotional changes in a child. It is also in this stage that a child learns to walk. Hence the origin of word toddler is from the words "to toddle", which means to walk unsteadily.

Even though toddlers are no longer infants, toddlers are still as cute and innocent as infants! No one will disagree with this fact that has been known for thousands of years. Adult humans have been caring for toddler since, well, the dawn of mankind. Adult humans just cannot resist the cuteness and innocence of a toddler. Their instinct even automatically tells them to protect the adorable toddlers from whatever harm may come.

Police Officers are adult humans whose job is to protect the public from harm. They put their life on the line just to ensure the safety of the public. They also make sure that everyone obeys the laws. One way they ensure the safety of the public is through pulling over a car. They usually do this when they see that something is suspicious with the car or if a law has been violated using the car. An example would be if the speed of the car exceeded the acceptable limits.

So, what would happen if a Police Officer pulls over a cute and innocent toddler daughter? This video just exactly shows that scenario. The Police Officer starts by politely asking from the adorable toddler daughter her license, registration and proof of insurance. The cute toddler was on a single seat car. She was unsure if this event was real so she looked at the Police Officer's car to check if he really was one. She then scanned the Police Officer's face. The toddler got a confused look about her for a bit. She was probably thinking why she got pulled over. But after a while she realized that the Police Officer was just probably pranking her. So, she let out a giggle. The Police Officer then reminded her that what was happening was not a laughing matter. But she still continued to giggle even after the Police Officer said "This is not funny" with a serious tone. In the end the adorable giggle of the cute toddler daughter prevailed. The Police Officer just had to give up. He had no option other than to say "Okay. Thank you for your license and time. Have a good day!".

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