Dad With Dementia Remembers Every Note Of Song He Wrote In 1980s

Storyful Published June 26, 2019 3,745 Plays

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleA man with dementia has been applauded on Twitter after his child posted a video of him effectively recalling, and playing a piece he made decades back.

Paul Harvey, 79, composed the tune for the tune Where's The Sunshine during the 1980s, when he was head of music at Imberhorne School in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

Furthermore, to his wonder, he had no issue splendidly reviewing the piece note for note when visiting his child Nick in Crowborough, East Sussex.

Nick posted a video of his dad playing the tune to his Twitter account, with numerous users commenting to the emotional moments caught in the footage.

Nick, who composes music for TV, wrote: 'Father has dementia. Here and there he floats into a different universe and I sense that I'm losing him. He is never progressively present, anyway than when he plays the piano. He went to mine today and I solicited him to play one from his pieces. He figured he wouldn't probably recollect it.'

The video got more than a million views on Twitter in under 24 hours, while the piano score for the tune has been mentioned a few times.

The post likewise caught the eye of artist lyricist Emeli Sandé, who portrayed the piece as 'lovely,' while agent pioneer of the Labor Party Tom Watson additionally shared it.

Paul went to the Guildhall School to study music when he was younger, and during the 1970s filled in as a professional piano player and author.

It was the point at which his child Nick was brought into the world that he chose to go into instructing to get an increasingly dependable salary, composing the music for Where's The Sunshine - the finale in a school generation - with the head of dramatization Pete Talman composing the verses.

'I don't have the foggiest idea what to state, I have dependably evaded exposure,' clarified Paul. 'I have dementia and you simply continue onward! For whatever length of time that I have access to my piano, that is the primary concern. I am satisfied that something I've composed has had such an impact. It's come so late throughout everyday life, it demonstrates that it can occur whenever.'

Music is normally utilized as a type of treatment for dementia patients as it is accepted to achieve portions of the cerebrum that different types of correspondence can't.

What's more, Nick commends the beneficial outcome that reviewing music from the past has on his father.