Dad Has An Adorable Water Fight With His Baby During Bath Time

Newsflare Published June 26, 2019 1,516 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsТhe sounds of our everyday lives can be irritating. Horns honking, a partner's snorting, car alarms that no one reacts to, it can all get a little too much. And if you hear those sounds every day, well, they will drive you crazy. But there is one sound that can make you forget all those annoying sounds, a sound so angelic, so precious, that will make you smile. Yes, it's the sound of a baby laughing.

There is something so precious about a baby’s laughter. It is uninhibited and expressive and extremely contagious. There is just no way that you won't end up laughing along with them. It is the most enjoyable experience that you'll explore, and it will leave you feeling happy and exhilarated for days to come.

Well, luckily parents know how to make their kids laugh. They know what makes them laugh and they know how to catch that moment on camera and even more lucky for us that those parents share their videos with us. Just like this dad. He made an incredible video of him making his kid laugh, and it's beyond adorable. Take a look!

There's nothing baby Brody loves more than having baths in the sink. Filmed in Arizona on May 24, the adorable clip shows Brody giggling along as his dad Derek sprays him with a hose. "My son loves bathing in the sink, today I decided to show him the sprayer," Derek told Newsflare.

Wow! This video is such an energy booster! There is something so precious and so uplifting in a baby's laugh. They truly are adorable and make your day better. Who doesn’t want to see baby having blast and just laughing their hearts out! We love watching videos like this. Our day will be so great now, we can feel it!

This is an absolutely hilarious video of a cute baby having some fun with his dad! We just watched this video on repeat for a few minutes, and we are in love!! Don't believe us? Then put your headphones on, sit back, relax, and be mesmerized by this adorable laugh! We dare you not to at least crack a smile when seeing this little one laugh at the most random and ridiculous thing such as spraying water.

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    Nothing is more beautiful than a child's laughter 👍🏽 Great job dad.

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