Hilarious Moment Dog ‘Preys’ On Cat Only To End Up Cuddling Him

Published June 26, 2019 20,063 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAre you one of the many people who like dogs and cats? Then look at the amount of tenderness in this video! Many people think that dogs and cats can not get along, but most of the time the opposite happens. The truth is that, in some cases, dogs and cats, if they can get along, since everything depends on the education and affection transmitted by the people around them, a clear example is to see how this dog takes advantage of its height to intimidate a cat, although in the end he simply embraced it. Overload of tenderness!

In this video you can see the adorable moment in which a dog and a cat try to live together in the same house, in this case, the moment was filmed when the puppy Vizsla named Izzy was very threatening and came very slowly to the position of the cat. When Izzy managed to get close to the cat, his reaction was quite adorable, as he moved his tail very quickly and tried to hug the cat, it was obvious that Izzy just wanted to relate to the cat when he wanted to have a new friend, especially if both live in the same house, as they need to get along. Izzy is a very loving dog!

The Vizsla are dogs that have been used as hunting dogs for many years, since they are dogs that have an incredible energy and a protective instinct quite high, which allows them to go hunting and at the same time take care of their owners. Bearing in mind that Vizsla dogs are dogs with very high protection instincts, these dogs can easily create a friendship with any other pet that is in the house, since they will always want to meet new friends and protect them if necessary. In the case of Izzy, you can see that her hunting instincts are pretty good, while stealthily approaching the cat to embrace it.

Although it seems hard to believe, really dogs and cats, if they can get along quite well, it all depends on the education we provide our pets, since both dogs and cats are animals capable of understanding the behavior of people and other animals, also generally understand the instructions given by their owners. Many say that dogs and cats are rivals by default, although this video says otherwise, since we see that both are able to get along and even give each other a hug.

When we have dogs and cats as pets, it is important that both know each other and relate with complete peace of mind, since in this way they will feel the need to socialize with each other, since both of them need someone to play. On the other hand, education also becomes essential for dogs and cats get along, because it is not considered right to educate dogs and cats to be arrogant, it is always better to educate them to be loving and understanding. After seeing this, you probably want a hug from Izzy!