Young Girl Wows Crowd With Rendition Of National Anthem In California

StoryfulNews Published June 23, 2019 4,931 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsWith a beautiful rendition of our National anthem at a little league national championship in Anaheim, CA, this brought down the house. It just goes to show that age doesn’t matter when you have a gift as amazing as Marley, age 9, who was born and raised in Southern California.

Her family says she sings all the time, all around the house, saying their house is like a mini-musical with Marley being the lead character in each act. Her mom, Karla McAninch says she is always up for singing so when she was asked at the last minute to provide the vocals for the national anthem at the championship game, she was more than willing to do so.

And everyone in attendance was so glad she did. What a performance!

Marley did not have much time to prepare either and you can see that she missed a few words but with a voice like that, it was hard to even notice.
How did she get so good? She says it takes practice, practice, practice.

The national anthem is known to be a rather difficult song to sing as it contains a very large range of notes including some serious high notes that many singers just cannot hit.

Some interesting notes about our national anthem:
- The tune comes from an old drinking song and was designed to be song by groups of people having a good time together
- The origin of this song is English, not American
- The author of the lyrics for our anthem, Francis Scott Key, originally wrote this as a poem called “Defense of Fort McHenry”, the fort that we were defending from British attack outside of Baltimore, Maryland during the War of 1812
- Most people don’t realize that there is more than one verse – four to be exact
- America did not have a National Anthem until 1931 and it could have taken longer if not for a cartoon. In 1929, Robert Ripley published an item in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not arguing that we should have a national anthem. His argument was not initially received well but after a time and a petition with five million signatures given to congress, a bill was passed giving America, finally, a national anthem. It was this bill that designated The Star Spangled Banner as our official national anthem.
- Interestingly, during WWII, this and many other important documents were hidden away in case the Japanese were to attack our national treasures.

Take a look as this young girl steals the show with her rendition of the US National Anthem at a Little League championship game in California, as seen in this footage shared on June 19. Footage shared by the CA District 43 Little League shows the girl, named Marley, performing a beautiful rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner ahead of the game.