Indian Villager Scares Away Lion With 5 ft Stick To Save His Calf

Caters_News Published June 21, 2019 4,982 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesVideo shows a herd of cows running away from the rogue lion which attacked a calf. On the spot when the lion is attacking the calf, the villager named Vadher rushes to pick a stick and throws it at the lion violently. The lion then drops the calf and runs away from the place.
A man from a small village in Gujarat saved his calves and cows by attacking a lion with a stick. The incident happened in June 2019 when a lion entered a village in Gujrat in search of food.

Devsinh Vadher was sleeping in a cow shelter, at midnight, he felt some disturbance.
When he came out of the room, Devsinh saw the herd of the cows running fast.
One of the calves was in the grip of a lion that had come into the village in search of prey and crossed the 15-feet-wall of the shelter.
The brave man immediately picked a stick lying on the ground and hit the lion with it and opened the main gates of the shelter to make way for other cows to run away.
This astonishing moment was captured on a CCTV camera installed there.
Devsinh said: “I have been sleeping here in this shelter for the last four years.”

“My house is nit that much away but I sleep here in order to guard these cows. I take care of abandoned and sick animals. On Tuesday night, I was sleeping in a small room that is inside the shelter. Around 2:30 am I felt that cows are making restless sounds. When I came outside to have a check on them, I saw a huge lion trying to get hold of one of the calf. I was hardly 8-10 feet away from the beast. I was scared to see this wild animal but I didn’t worry about my life. I was only concerned about my cows. I love cows and cattle, I have devoted my whole life to looking after them. How could I let them be easily attacked by a lion?
Although one calf died I am pleased that other cows were saved. I am a little frightened after the incident but I have decided to sleep in the shelter onward, to protect the cows.”
Vadher added that the area has many lions and they are roaming freely and that he is used to this kind of big cats attacking his cattle. ''Living with big cats has become a usual thing in his life,” he says.