These Simple Public Hygiene Practices Will Keep You From Getting Sick

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Rumble / Do It YourselfHygiene is a set of behaviors performed to preserve health. According to the World Health Organization, "Hygiene refers to the conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent to spread diseases.” Personal hygiene refers to maintaining the body clean. Hygiene refers to the behaviors that improve cleanliness and lead us to good health, such as constant hand washing, face washing, bathing with soap and water.

In many places in the world, practicing personal hygiene is difficult due to the lack of clean water. Many diseases can be spread if the hands, face, or body are not washed properly.
Many people think that hygiene means 'cleanliness,' but hygiene is a broad term. It includes personal habits and choices as to how frequently to take a shower, how timely to wash hands, trim nails, change and wash clothes and other stuff. It also includes attention to keep floor and surfaces clean in the homes and workplaces, including the bathroom, kitchen, and washroom.
The video contains some tips to keep yourself healthy and strong.

The video is started with a question to attract the viewers and show them how important hygiene is for life? The question raised in the video is, do you find yourself frequently coming down with the sniffles? To avoid germs, when you go out in public is not that much tough job if we watch this video and learn to stay healthy. The first tip is to change clothes when you get home from work. The germs you have carried from office, train or public place will not stay with you longer if you change your clothes timely.

The second tip is to use your own pen everywhere because pens in common use can be the best way for germs to be spread an infection. The third tip is to avoid the switches and doorknobs because these are also things in common use and can because of infection. The fourth tip is to use a paper towel to keep your hands wet. The fifth thing you should do is to drink plenty of water when you stay hydrated, your immunity will be boosted and you will look fresh and beautiful. The sixth thing to do is to keep an eye on what you eat. Take a balanced diet and avoid unhygienic food. Certain foods like salads and soft-serve are prone to contamination. The seventh thing to do is to skip the ice because restaurants ice machines aren’t cleaned properly. These are a few easy tips which can keep you and your family happy, strong and germ-free.


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