Dog Stays On Hind Legs For As Long As It Takes To Steal Oreos

Storyful Published June 20, 2019 2,150 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe all have our favorite cookies, and Max the goldendoodle is no exception.

His owner, Kenny Herman, had no idea Max was stealing cookies -- in fact, he thought his daughter, Maddie, was the culprit. “We suspected that Maddie, our 5-year-old, was stealing @Oreo’s – so we set up a @googlenest to catch her red-handed,” Herman reported on Twitter.

When cookies started disappearing, the Ardsley, NY homeowner set up the remote camera to catch little Maddie in the act of stealing the cookies so they could confront her. They set it on the counter and pointed it at the cookies on the counter, expecting to catch the little one in the act of swiping the sweets. Well, they did catch someone – but not Maddie! She was innocent after all. “Instead,” reports Kenny, “we caught Max, our 2.5-year-old Goldendoodle, red-pawed.

Imagine their surprise when they saw this video! The camera caught the big, fluffy Max on his hind legs, pawing the counter to get at the treats. He balances like a master and never loses patience, stretching his front legs to swipe the cookies off the counter. His long fluffy white tail wags and the dog concentrates intently as he reaches all the way to the back of the counter.

But it gets even funnier when you see that Max is picky. Although he's able to knock a sleeve of cookies of the counter, it's not his beloved Oreos, and after a quick sniff, he dismisses them and goes back to his counter to keep reaching for the Oreos he loves most. Max has a lot of patience when it comes to getting his treats!

Seeing how much he loves them, we hope that Kenny and his family gave Max an Oreo, but not too many. Chocolate is actually not good for dogs, so we don’t want Max eating a lot of the chocolate-y cookies! Maybe there’s a dog treat version of Oreos that’s safe but still tastes good to pups? In any case, the Kenny family should put their cookies a little higher up, or in a cupboard. And I’m sure Maddie is happy that her name was cleared! She’s not the cookie thief after all. Max, the sweet dog, is the one who loves his Oreos and had been swiping them all along. (Although we’re willing to bet that Maddie doesn’t say no to an Oreo either.)

Credit: Kenny Herman via Storyful