Massive Whale Hangs Out With Diver

Published June 20, 2019 3,668 Views

Rumble / Ocean LifeThe ocean is the last great frontier on land. It covers 70.5% of our earth’s surface and scientists estimate that 94% of it is yet be explored. Wow! From the little to the titanic, from the familiar to the undiscovered, the ocean offers a beautiful diversity of oceanic life and nearly every kind of environment imaginable.

Seas and oceans cover the majority of the earth's surface. From the coral reefs and their abundance of living to the individual creatures that hide in the depths, the oceans are home to some of the earth's most amazing creatures. Life in the ocean is amazing! Cuddly and cute, crawly and creepy, microscopic and gigantic, ocean life comes in millions of size and shapes! Interesting!

And being a sea diver means that you can go underwater and explore all the diversity and all the strange thing which are under thousands of feet of the blue water!

This stunning video also shows a friendly whale just swimming alongside a diver- who looks tiny next to her. Mike Korostelev, a wildlife cinematographer from Moscow, Russia, took a role on a project researching and about whales around the world when he snapped the impressive pictures. The videos were taken in the Kingdom of Tonga, Pacific Ocean.

Mike Korostelev said: This site is the most secure place in the world for swimming with humpback whales. Some Baby whales swim around people and play with them while mothers have rest on the bottom.

“That encounter was unusual because two big males were super curious with us.
“They researched our team a very long time in the water and when we were in the boat. “It was like an incredible contact with another civilization.”

video show They carry on swimming and enjoying each other's company for quite a long period, while Mike's companions record the moment. It is genuinely a thrilling moment that every sea diver want to experience!

Mike said the view was so unprecedented, he had never seen anything like it in his 9-year career.

He also added that it is a very unusual feeling when two creatures as big as a bus are playing with you. When they were in the water they were making circles them and there was a moment when they hugged them with their huge five-meter long flippers.

"When we required to head back to the boat, they would not let us go. “We had a feeling they truly liked playing with us.”

This footage is really an amazing thing that shows us how wondrous can be ocean life!

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