Ugandan Woman Dances With Joy After Receiving First Ever Pair Of Shoes From Traveler

Newsflare Published June 19, 2019 11,773 Plays

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleAs we are living in a modern world having access to the internet, warm homes in winter, cold homes in summer, clean water, and fresh food in the kitchens, it can be easy to forget that these luxuries are just a dream for some people and they never experience it. Traveling and meeting with different people can open your eyes to the world and the way everyone struggles each day for his survival.

The heartwarming video went viral on the internet in which a Ugandan lady dances with happiness after being getting her first ever pair of shoes from a kind-hearted person.
The video filmed in June 2019 in Bwindi National Park, Uganda shows the woman's astonishing reaction after Laura Grier's driver helps to put the pair of shoes on.
The woman was seen barefoot by Laura Grier, who suddenly decided to gift her a pair of shoes.
Laura Grier asked her driver to stop the car as she passed by a barefooted woman at Bwindi National Park.

In the video clip, Laura’s driver can be seen helping the Ugandan Lady putting on the pair of shoes as she celebrates the joyful moment in front of a crowd.
‘When I saw the woman on the side of the road barefoot I forced my driver to stop suddenly, the woman was barefooted and had never put shoes before,’ Laura.
We stopped the car to meet her and give a pair of shoes to her, her reaction after wearing the shoes was just priceless’ she said.
Laura said: It was her old sneakers which she had carried with her to give it to someone. The response of the poor African woman was very valuable and I burst into tears as I saw her reaction.
As soon as the Ugandan Lady came to know that what was going on, she began dancing in joy even before putting them on.
And since it was her first ever pair of shoes that’s why she didn’t know how to put them on.

When Laura’s driver helped the lady putting on the shoes and tied up the laces of the shoes, the woman was so excited and gave a thumbs up to Laura from there. After putting the shoes on, she again started dance and was unable to control her emotions and happiness. The woman was smiling all the time.
The onlookers cheered out of joy as the woman was so much happy and it seemed as this was her biggest wish in life. The crowd also appreciated Laura for her kind act.


  • Thanghm, 3 weeks ago

    Cảm giác được ngược người khác quan tâm vô cùng hạnh phúc các bạn ạ

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  • Donnasings100, 3 weeks ago

    That's beautiful!!!!!

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  • solostreem, 2 weeks ago

    She never had shoes in africa. There so different. Its always hot there im sure. Until they fall apart. I thought she cld go buy them. But i dont think she will. Person that gave them to her. You ll have to keep sending them to her. I dont think she can get them on her own. But i dont know.

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