Talented Baker Makes Dough Into Realistic Looking Fruit

Newsflare Published June 18, 2019 2,977 Plays

Rumble / Creative VisualsWe have always admired master Chefs, not just because we love food so much because they still amaze us with their creativity and their talents and skills. Who here likes to cook? Cooking is fun, it can help you release stress, have fun, be creative, and if you think cooking and baking are boring, then you'll have to excuse yourself from reading this.

And if you think that cooking is entertaining and creative than continue reading this and be amazed by this talented baker, and this fantastic baker that will make you fall in love with food even more. We have never seen anything like this before. Her work is so creative and so fun it makes us want to fly to China to try her food. Take a look at her work!

This incredible video captures the ultra-realistic fruit-like buns that have been made in Xinyi Handmade Bakery in southern China's Guilin city. Filmed on May 20, the clip shows a baker peeling and ripping apart the buns, which looked like bananas, tangerines, watermelon, durian fruit and potatoes showing the fluffy texture inside. The dough can be peeled and ripped apart, just like a real banana.

The baker also creates real-looking tangerines, watermelon, and even potatoes. And the best part is that they all have a fluffy texture inside that looks so delicious! Would you like to try one of these doughs?

Isn't that incredible? We are speechless, and we genuinely haven't seen anything like this before! To be honest, this food is amazing when you are lying to yourself that you are on a diet. Is like you are eating fruit and vegetables but indeed you are eating a delicious dough. You satisfy your brain and your stomach, and it's a win-win situation! Isn't that genius?

There is massive scope for using your creativity in cooking. For many people, it is annoying because it is mechanical work, done the same way every time.

Try to cook the same thing differently every time and the cooking will become fun. There are so many things and ways or even ingredients you can change add, remove, increase and decrease, modify flow and timing, ingredients' quality and source, process, accessories, way of presentation. There are almost endless ways to cook the same thing and get different results- sometimes not so enjoyable but still different, unique, and satisfying. We don't know about you, but we are getting hungry!