Son Surprises Dad With Helicopter Ride To A Mountain They Climbed Decades Prior

Published June 18, 2019 4,253 Views

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesThis dad surely felt two decades younger with the surprise birthday present from his son – a priceless moment, his first time ride on a helicopter and the destination: they hovered over the mountain where he and his son used to climb about twenty years ago. It must be like a dream and in no time, while glancing on those piles of gigantic rocks one has to conquer to reach the mountain’s apex, all those golden memories automatically flashes back like a lucid dream.
The son’s plan in implementing the element of surprise was even more touching. Watch the video and see how the unsuspecting dad wondered why there was a helicopter that landed on the beets field. He was seen taking photos of the helicopter that for the first time in his life, this landing happened on that field. He then went outside to take closer look and snap more photos. Watch to see how he reacted when his son revealed what that was.

The footages up there was awesome! Watchers of this video are kept with full eyes on the screen as the father and son had this momentous ride; tracing their tracks about two decades ago. Certainly, how things appear up there is a totally different experience. This makes this ride surreal: imagine that opportunity to re-walk your steps in the past but in a different perspective – a whole new experience of having a bird’s eye view of the entire area for which, in the past, you could only glance at a portion of it – move to another spot to have another angle of view and work your way up to reach the apex if you want to have a panoramic view. Up there, one can see more the height of the climb, a clearer view of the difficulties involved while gauging the depth of those ravines on the mountain side. Realizing how difficult it was gives a sense of pride for being able to overcome all these hurdles during the climb.

Thus, this video is not only about an incredible, heart-melting gift of a son to his father but also a great share of experience that watchers feel like they were also in that helicopter enjoying the majestic sceneries up there. Without a doubt, it is a video shared with lots of emotions invoked – all good ones! It is also about how great it is to go back to the past and retrace one’s steps. If you have the opportunity to do that, grab it – it feeds the soul and is for sure satisfying.


  • mazvabo, 1 year ago

    That's so sweet. Thanks dad

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  • tootsteens, 1 year ago

    Watching this video triggered that sharp chill on my spine that triggered ghost bumps to appear. It is one of those videos I cannot forget and will value because it invoked several good emotions. Thanks for sharing.

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