Extraordinary Road Rage Incident In Paris Involving Blind Man

Newsflare Published June 16, 2019 46,798 Plays

Rumble Driving is a skill that needs more calmness and care than any other job because a small mistake can cause serious problems, but sometimes we face drivers who are totally not suitable for driving. The same driver can be seen in the video who attacks a person in the middle of a road in Paris.

A driver has been captured in a road rage attack on a blind man and his partner after the blind man's walking cane clipped the side of his car while over speeding.
The Audi driver is seen not to stop, before rushing out of his car for the pedestrians, slapping the head of one man repeatedly on a street in Paris.
The film does not identify when or where in Paris the incident took place, but it has started a debate about drivers in the capital of France, who have got aggression and ignoring the rights of pedestrians and cyclists.

As the pair stepped onto the zebra crossing, a black Audi speeds past - clipping the cane of the blind man on the front wheel.
Once the car has passed the men continue to cross the road.
But the Audi driver slows for a moment in the middle of the street and angrily approaches the two persons, with his hands raised and shouting.
A middle-aged man in a grey jacket, he quickly comes out of his car, while the man had barely spoken a word to the driver, the driver began slapping the pedestrian on the forearms while he tried to defend himself.

The blind pedestrian stands helplessly by, holding his cane and attempting to break the two apart.
However, his attempts are useless as the raging driver repeatedly hits the man.
The disturbance draws a crowd and heated words are exchanged between them.
At one point, an elderly female who was a passenger in the Audi steps in to separate the two men.
The madden driver shouts directly at the blind man, who continues to hold up his white stick peacefully.

Finally, the woman succeeds in taking the driver away from the place and the pair get back in the Audi and drive away. Other people, who were there at the moment also try to calm the tension as the driver seemed to become more enraged.
People have shown anger for the madden driver on social media.
Most of them said they were surprised by the driver's behavior while other commenters said that drivers in Paris routinely ignore pedestrians.
A journalist Peter Allen described the incident on Twitter as an "astonishing, but very typical, Paris road rage".It is not known if the incident was reported to the police.


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    He’s angry because the man tapped his car with the stick. They were both wrong. ( if you agree watch my video, subscribe, and share)

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