Kitten Has Most Adorable Reaction To Being Tickled

Newsflare Published June 13, 2019 2,621 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensThere are not enough words in the vocabulary to describe a cat. On the one hand, they are adorable balls of fluff, able to express incredible amounts of love from such tiny creatures.

Cats are really smart pets, but sometimes they can be a little bit foolish and they always find a way to make us laugh, whether they are playing peek a boo with us or they find themselves in hysterical situations! They love games, especially something that involves fast movements.

There are a lot of Facebook and YouTube channels only dedicated to striped purring creatures, gifs, memes, DE motivators, icons with mustaches, cat and tails muzzles that have eclipsed the space of social networks; there are oceans of groups of cat lovers, which in fact are the most popular forms of online networking of animal enthusiasts.

Adorable footage of foster kitten Mars playing on his first night in his temporary home in Michigan viral on social media. The cute clip, filmed on June 12, shows the moment kitten Mars copies his foster dad's hand movements after being tickled.

“This is the cutest video we have ever take of any fosters, he was playing during his first night in his foster home,” Casey, the filmer, told News flare.
This owner has his days filled with joy and happiness by spending time with the foster kitten!

For all you cat owners out there, you might want to try something like this with your cat. All cat do is to give you a loving and relaxing time with their presence.
This is a beautiful video for cat lovers. If this does not brighten your day, you are probably a dog lover. Even then, you might appreciate this adorable video.

Cats have a tendency to do some unexpected and unusual things. Now we do not always understand why, but we love them anyway. This is definitely one of those cases with this kitty.
Cats are amazing pets and a blessing from Almighty God. All cats are special, they have their own dislikes and likes because their personalities are as diverse as the humans that love them (and the few that do not).

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  • Lyssahblue, 4 weeks ago

    What an adorable video! I love cats though I can't have one due to allergies. This makes my heart happy. Thank you for sharing!

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