Boat Passengers Capture "Minke" Whale Breach 4 Times Off Isle of Skye

Published June 13, 2019 20,819 Views

Rumble / Wild WildlifeBoat passengers were welcomed with a rare sight when a playful and happy Minke Whale breached four times off the Scottish coast. A group on the Misty Island Boat Trips were greeted with a special sight of Minke Whale. As their tour powered through the great sea around on 8th June, a minke whale suddenly breached the water while all of them were looking at it.

As if that was not enough to amuse the passengers on the boat, the whale proceeded to repeat it three more times. A passenger on the boat who has captured the video, said: “I could not believe what we were seeing”. I was more excited and amazed that other tourist on the boat as I know how rare it is to see this. I have been a fisherman for many years but never witnessed anything like this before. For the first time ever, I have heard of it happening like this, let alone seeing it. Even after stopping the filming, it was still breaching for 15 minutes."

The minke whale put on quite the show — including a leaping belly flop — for lucky boat passengers who were there on Saturday.

When the Minke whale started the show, all the passengers on the boat shouted unintentionally. They were so much happy to witness such an event and capture it. Everyone was saying something unique and were trying to explain his/her excitement.

They were so much happy which can be felt from their gestures and shouts.

For the information of our viewers:

Minke whales are the members of the baleen whale family and they are the smallest of the "great whales". They are also called rorquals. They are the most existing rorqual in the world, and the status of their population is considered stable among-st their entire range (especially when compared to the species of large whales).

Nowadays, Commercial whaling practices have reduced minke whale populations in the Pacific Ocean and in the North Atlantic Ocean. Their quantity may have been reduced by as much as half. Commercial whaling is the exploitation of other larger whale families, however, it may have allowed minke whales to get benefited from the situation. They have increased the availability of food resources now.

One more important thing is that Minke whales in the US are not endangered or threatened, but they are protected under an Act. NOAA Fisheries and partners are dedicated to conserving minke whales. They use different innovative techniques to study and protect this species.