Teenager Arrested After Throwing Baby to Ground in Oklahoma

StoryfulNews Published June 12, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble A teenager was arrested in Edmond, Oklahoma, on May 24 after grabbing a car seat holding a one-year-old child from a shopping cart and throwing it the ground while the child’s mother loaded groceries. This surveillance footage overlooking the parking lot at Crest Foods in Edmond was released by police on June 11 and shows the moment of the attack. After throwing the baby carrier to the ground, the 17-year-old suspect is seen walking away before knocking a road sign out of place. Subsequent footage shows police officers arresting the teen. Local media reported that the teenager was detained after he jumped on a car and exposed himself. He reportedly told police he had smoked marijuana that was laced with another drug. After the video was released on June 11, the baby’s father, James Counts, wrote on Facebook that the baby seat protected his now-13-month-old son Jenzen from major injury. “When he was tossed out of the cart, the handle to his car seat was up and basically served as a roll bar for our baby.” Counts also said he and his wife, Dusti, were praying for the teenager who attacked their son. “Clearly he was under the influence of something terrible. Please pray with us that this isn’t his first of many steps down the wrong path, but a catalyst for him to be pointed in the right direction, ultimately towards Christ,” Counts wrote, adding, “He is forgiven.” Credit: Edmond Police Department via Storyful