'We're Safe on the Upper Level' - Dallas Family Trapped Inside as Floodwaters Surge Past Home

Storyful Published June 12, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble / Strange WeatherDallas resident Danielle Shermer and her family were forced to move up to the second floor of her home as flood waters caused by thunderstorms and heavy rainfall raged outside on June 9. This video shows the floodwater from inside their home. The flooding caused significant damage to Shermer’s home. She told Storyful, “The storm hit without any warning. We have never had any flooding in this home. The creek that we live in maybe has about a foot of water in it regularly. The entire storm and flash flood lasted about 15 minutes but the damage has been tremendous.” The National Weather Service issued a warning regarding the heavy rainfall for the region. This caused disruption to others across both the Dallas and Fort Worth area, according to reports. Credit: Danielle Shermer via Storyful