Bizarre Images Of Super-Car ‘Graveyard’ Where The World’s Most Expensive Cars Sit Gathering Dust

Published June 12, 2019 552,010 Views

This is absolutely one of the biggest car graveyards on the list, with over 24,000 vehicles in one location. That location is actually in Sharjah, where this vast, sprawling labyrinth of stacked cars is separated into two sections: one as a graveyard, where people can buy parts from cars and salvage, and the other half, much bigger, where cars lie unclaimed, forgotten, and left as is. Abandoned, a true cemetery, where cars will rest in peace for ages to come, with the sand and the bleach bright sunshine. Soon enough these cars will be mere skeletons of their former selves.

When cars age past their point of usability, they have to go someplace. They usually end up at a junkyard where many people can go and strip of a certain part that they need to keep their car on the road. Most cars end up in junkyards because they were involved in an accident and were declared a total loss. Others, however, go to junkyards because they go through a mechanical failure and the owner would rather scrap it for parts than spend the money to repair it.

A lot of people spend a lot of their time focusing on and thinking about new cars. They don't think about any other kind of car, because they love brand new cars. They love that new car smell, the thrill of putting the very first miles on a car that just came out of the factory. A lot of people also enjoy buying their cars slightly used, still from the dealership, second owner at best, no more. There are also those who buy the cheapest, oldest car possible because they don't want the payments.

No matter the case, there's an unspoken side to the entire automotive industry. There's a question that no one asks: Where do all the old, broken down, useless cars go, once they're no longer drive able? Once they're so old and junk that no one wants to buy them anymore? Every new car made in the world will finally be junk, drive able no more, forgotten, abandoned, left to rust and rot. A lot of cars end up in scrapyards and junkyards, where their parts and metal are reused as best as possible. A lot of them, though, end up in huge groups together, literal automobile graveyards. These graveyards, occupied with cars left to blend into the landscape, are dotted around the globe, in all types of different places, with all kinds of different cars, sometimes forgotten treasures, some cars barely worth their value in scrap.

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