Adorable Kitten Won’t Stop Making Hilarious Faces

Published June 12, 2019 1,734 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensYes, we know that cats have totally, utterly and permanently taken over the Internet, and yes, we know that everybody is gripped into the Catsteria and, yes, you are not exactly a cat person, but whatever other reasons you have for not playing this video clip, stop this is not your common cat video!

This is something that would put a smile even on the faces of Da Vinci’s marble statues. This is why we determined not to present in the museums; out of fear, it would destroy historical treasures.

Do you have fluffy animals running around in your home?
Probably a kitty? Then you just like this video clip which shows a cute Kitty who would not Stop Making Hilarious Faces.

Wakko is an adopted moggy from Montreal, Canada, and loves to pose for pictures in strange positions. Her owner, Gabrielle Willis, 33, said she first noticed him pulling faces when she adopted him at two weeks old.

Gabrielle Willis said: “After bottle feeding her, she would sometimes look up at me, milk-drunk, and be so relaxed and floppy, and I had put him down in his bed and she had keep looking up at me backward. “She has always been a little different. “Everyone agrees she is just a little character! All my friends who have met her have been so impressed with her ridiculous antics.”

Cats have a tendency to do some unusual and strange things.
Now we do not always understand why, but we love them anyway. This is definitely one of those cases with this kitty. Cats are finicky creatures. They are very picky when it comes to doing the things they love. They hate 90% of the activities and find flaws in anything that is left.

They manage to do everything on their own. Cats are just awesome. I love them for their personality and attitude. They are really special. Sometimes when I look at my cat I think that is how I should behave and go through life. I want to be as confident and as fearless as the cat is. They are just fabulous.

Cats are amazing! We love them because of their funny personality and attitude, and the love they are giving to us.
Have you ever caught your kitty cat doing something pretty unusual?
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