Crowd Chants During Protest Against Hong Kong Extradition Bill

StoryfulNews Published June 12, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble Thousands of protesters filled the streets of Hong Kong on Wednesday, June 12, in a show of defiance that prompted the government to delay a debate on a controversial extradition bill at the Legislative Council that day. Many protesters had reportedly camped overnight at Tamar Park to prevent traffic from reaching the legislature on Wednesday morning. The bill, if passed, would allow for the transfer of criminal suspects to mainland China The demonstrations followed huge protests the weekend before against the bill. Sunday’s rally ended in violent clashes between protesters and police. On Wednesday, it was reported that police unfurled a flag with the words “disperse or we fire” which briefly heightened tensions with protesters. Hong Kong Police issued a statement on Facebook saying that some of the demonstrations on the roads had created dangerous situations and that they would use “appropriate force” to clear roadways. This video shows protesters chanting on Harcourt Road, outside Tamar Park. Credit: Anson Hui via Storyful