Teacher demonstrates surprising hack to refresh markers

Storyful Published June 10, 2019 947 Plays

Rumble / Life HacksWhen elementary teacher Sandy Owens’s whiteboard markers stopped working, she turned to Google for a solution. She found an ingenious fix, which she demonstrates in this video. Owens swings a marker on a string over her head, spinning it around 25 times while joking, “I feel really silly!” She then tests the marker, which is now seen to be refreshed. As Owens notes, the fix is caused by centrifugal force which causes ink to move to the felt tip of the pen. This is also noted on Myria.com. Owens posted the video to her Facebook page on May 23, to pass on the tip to teacher friends. Credit: Sandy Owens via Storyful


  • debdeb, 1 week ago

    That is too cool! I have to try it out! That could save a lot of money not having to replace them so often!!

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