Kitty Leaps Into Rage Of Fury Every Time She Hears Owner Sing

Published June 10, 2019 22,007 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensCats, despite being friendly, can be fully out of mind sometimes. The video has a pet and its owner, she is having a good time with it. Her cat is not so much happy while her owner is singing.
This pet isn't happy when her owner sings a tune, everyone knows it. Sat calmly on her owner's lap, the cat appears to be happy with her owner but as the owner begins to sing, and then looks at the camera joyfully, the cat decides enough is enough and attacks her.

Scratching her owner's face looks like the jolly cat isn't about to go easy with her owner while she is singing. The cat attacks certain times on her owner, which can be seen clearly in the video. Let's hope the owner emerged without any scratch on her face. Sometimes the cat attempts impossible jumps. Sometimes this cute pet sneak treats the owner very lovingly.

Sometimes the cat gets successful while attacking her owner while sometimes her owner gets success by protecting herself. Sometimes the owner teases her by singing and sometimes the cat jumps over the owner and stops her while singing. The cat has even hit her owner with a flying leap. But no matter, she attacks her owner just for the sake of stopping her from singing— right now.
Helen’s owner decided to capitalize on her kitty’s odd behavior around singing and has garnered almost 9,000 followers to the cat’s Instagram. Whenever she tries a new ditty, she adds Helen’s imaginary commentary as a caption.

The cat’s name is Helen and her owner has got an Instagram account on Helen’s name and got 9000 followers from all around the world. Whenever she gets a new video with the kitty, she uploads it on. Instagram and gets a lot of good reactions from the viewers. The cat gets irritated because of some reason. Some people have given answers for kitty’s unique behavior. Some people say Cats can perceive sound waves ranges more than double of humans.

Other say, cat's ears are uniquely designed and the way they draw sound into their ear canals enables them to hear an array of distant sounds. For example, a mouse rustling in a corner 20 feet away. Likely, their ears are more sensitive to the higher amplitude of sounds. In the end, we can say that the cat is the most awesome creature in the universe. The way they love, they play, the smile and they live are just awesome.


  • BroncoBob, 17 weeks ago

    Your "kittie", I must say, just wants you to tell him what you did with the money, the money you were supposed to spend on singing lessons. I'd like to know too. lol.

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  • Abramova, 17 weeks ago

    i adore cats

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  • 56802, 17 weeks ago

    Reminds me of one Christmas morning where I sat quietly singing a Christmas carol while my kids unwrapped their presents.The youngest turns to me and says «mommy,please don´t scream«

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  • ronald1216, 17 weeks ago

    beautiful singer so funny the cat

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