New Zealand Bartender Hilariously Drops Tray Holding Several Pints Of Beer

Newsflare Published May 30, 2019 50,061 Plays

Rumble / Epic FailsWe have all heard of this term at least once in our live. “Heresy”. The mere thought of it brings shivers down the spines of some of us. It is a belief, opinion or action considered to be contrary to religious beliefs. Almost every religion known to man knows of this principle.

Heresy is frown upon no matter what the deed, but one particular guy has been the subject of scrutiny by the followers of one of the most widespread religions. Beer drinkers have had their hearts broken, shattered to pieces, when a surveillance clip started circling the internet, showing one poor bartender dropping not one, not a couple, but a total of six pints of beer to the ground.

Watch as poor Micah Thompson looks in despair, while the six tall glasses of gold brew topple down from the tray in his hand in a very messy domino effect. The most hilarious moment of the whole thing isn’t really Micah’s decision to give into the fate that has struck him. It was actually his boss’s reaction.

The clumsy Kiwi bartender can be seen carefully picking up the heavy tray with six pints of Heineken beer off the counter, seemingly keeping a firm grasp at his load. He takes a couple of very confident steps towards his customers, but physics decides to work against him at this point. The glasses wobble on the tray and one of them decides to tip over, causing a spillage of proportions so massive, every beer lover watching this clip will probably clutch at the left of their chest and gasp in agony!

One glass is enough to cause a domino effect and in the blink of an eye, all the glasses lay broken, their contents spilled all over the floor at Celsius Gastrobar in Auckland, New Zealand on Wednesday, May 29.

When asked about the reaction of the customers, Micah just said they all watched in silent horror. Soon they all cracked into laughter, after he brought them their round and they saw that he is actually fine. The bartender of three years is actually also the manager of the joint, and he says that these things happen more often then one might believe. In fact, he has never dropped a tray full like that in all of his career!

Redditors have had their usual field trip, when someone posted poor Micah’s helpless expression in the 'Watch people die inside' thread. Twitter was also merciless at his expense, so we can’t help but wonder. Did Micah get to keep his bartending job?