Incredible Footage Shows Genius Three Year Old Demonstrating Math Skills

Published May 28, 2019 9,826 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsAll parents want to believe their kids are unique and special, and they are!
But some children are destined to be the next great thinkers.
How can you tell if your little one is more than just smart and in the leagues of Mozart, Einstein or Marie Curie?

A 3 years old toddler adorable named Aiden shows an impressive math’s skills. He can complete complicated algebraic equations, describe multiple digits of pi, and beat adult opponents at chess and he has not even started school. Take a look.

Video clips shared on Aiden's Instagram page show the impressive toddler standing in front of a small easel blackboard writing out the answers to different equations, as his mom coaches him through each problem.
But while his mother certainly lends an encouraging hand, it is clear that the bulk of the work is being done by young Aiden himself, who is able to do large multiplication sums in his head within seconds.

According to his mother Cynthia, Aiden’s interest in science and math started in a spontaneous way briefly after he learned to write at the tender age of two.
She added: 'In my family we like math and sometimes we do math problems together. 'One day my dad sent me a problem; Aiden saw the notes and started solving it.
'We started giving him equations after equations and he was answering everything precisely.' We expect him to be at a 4th-grade level by the time he starts school.'

Traditionally, kids start school at the age of 5, when they enter kindergarten, however by that point, Cynthia believes her son will be on the same level as a 10
or 11-year-old.

Some people are gifted with this wonderful talent since their childhood.
Prodigies, a person, especially a child and younger people are the one having extraordinary talent.

Child prodigies have astonished the world so many times with their intelligence and remarkable achievements. It has been seen that these children have an extraordinary quality to go far beyond the age limit and have the capability to do wide apart from the children of similar age. The smartest kids in this world have sealed their victory in various domains such as art, science, music, invention or mathematics.

Excellent job Aiden and parenting Mom!! So nice to see a mom being involved in a productive fun way of helping their kids learns instead of sitting them in front of a TV with a cartoon to babysit!!! This Child will go onto do great because of his Mom!!

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