Teen Helps Wheel Disabled Man Home As Tornado Warning Sounds

Storyful Published May 24, 2019 2,335 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesDo you think that heroes exist? Watch this teenager become a hero helping a disabled man! Some teenagers are a great role model, as they love helping people with disabilities, and this for many people and for me is a heroic act, since these young people prove to be good people with an incredible willingness to help those who need . The teenager shown in the video shows a lot of energy and desire for help, as he does not miss any opportunity to help a disabled man in a wheelchair trying to escape from a possible approaching tornado. Some teenagers deserve the Nobel Prize!

In St. Louis, Missouri, Amber Gilleylen and her family returned home after going to the store as a possible tornado approached, when they suddenly saw a man struggling uphill in his wheelchair. Gilleylen stopped and asked the man, a double amputee who later learned that his name was Gregory Beck, if he needed help. Wasting no time, Seth, Gilleylen's 16-year-old son, jumped out of the car and started pushing the man who was a block and a half away from the house while tornado warning sirens continued to ring. By uploading the video on Facebook, Gilleylen reported that Beck said he "could have been caught in a terrible storm and that, because of this young man, he can go home dry and safe." Gilleylen launched a GoFundMe campaign to buy Beck an electronic wheelchair. Credit: Amber Gilleylen via Storyful

Some states of the USA They are very prone to natural disasters, since storms and tornadoes are very common in these areas, and this often causes many people and households to be affected for a certain period of time. In most cases, warning sirens manage to completely save the lives of many animals and people, because when the sirens begin to sound, people know they must flee the storms and take refuge in their homes. We must always be alert to warning sirens!

On the other hand, sometimes the warning sirens are not enough to keep the entire population healthy and unharmed, for this reason many people assume the task of helping those who need help to protect themselves from storms, as is the case with elderly people and people with a disability. In general, it is not necessary to have advanced training or knowledge to know how to help people, it only takes will and a lot of energy, because all the help, no matter how big, is very important. Not all heroes have a cloak, some only have incredible will!

Natural disasters, storms and tornadoes are often unexpected, so it is very important that we are always willing to help people and animals that need it, because these people can be our family or friends and life is important. In the same way, we must always pay attention to the warning sirens, which indicate that it is advisable to take refuge in our homes when the tornadoes approach, in this way we make sure that we do not suffer damages during the passage of storms. This teen 16 years is a great example to follow, since he has a lot of courage and an impeccable will. The heroes exist and this video proves it!