Review guide & reviews: Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Smartphone

Published May 24, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble / Tech ReviewsEven though it's based on a very recent Android 8.0 Oreo core, the Mi Max 3 still runs MIUI 9.5. Xiaomi's software team seems to be hard at work on MIUI 10, at the moment as they aim to release it to a wider assortment of its devices. If history is anything to go by, a large chunk of users, even those on older devices, should, eventually, reap the benefits of the new version of one of the most popular Android skins. It's just that these things take time.

We can't really be too cross with Xiaomi for not delivering the latest and greatest UI, at launch. That being said, we do realize the importance of the MIUI version, since that comprises the main chunk of the actual user UX. Xiaomi does a very good job of creating a platform of its own, hiding away the Android core.

As per usual with Xiaomi devices, we will mention the existence of at least a couple of official software branches and quite a few custom seller modifications of the OS. Our review unit is current on an official Chinese ROM, which means Google Play services do have to be downloaded separately. Xiaomi has a handy app for that on its store.

When you are getting the phone, you do need to pay attention to the particular ROM you are running, however, if you are keen on getting frequent updates. Some branches, especially seller custom MIUI builds often get left behind. Luckily, Xiaomi provides bootloader unlocks and there are easy tools out there to flash over to a proper official ROM

Anyway, MIUI users or will feel right at home here. MIUI is traditionally big on feature conservation and continuation. One fairly recent significant addition to the mix is the gesture navigation. Although, it is still an optional thing.