Teenager Sheds Happy Tears After Receiving Surprise Support Dog

Published May 22, 2019 6,862 Plays

Rumble / Priceless MomentsHave you ever wanted a puppy so badly, you would nag your mom and dad to high heavens until they finally gave in to your wishes? We all have wished for a pet at some point in our lives, but there are kids out there who actually need a canine companion more than you think. One such lucky young girl got her wish and it was all captured on film for the world to enjoy.

It was Summer Shott’s 16th birthday. The teen from Raynes Park in south west London has been suffering from epileptic attacks since birth and also has hemiplegia, which can cause anxiety. Today, she was given a card, which she was told was anonymous, but was actually from her mom, Cheri Johnson. Under a little flap on the card was the surprise - there was a tiny Chihuahua puppy waiting to be her best buddy forever. Of course, it was then pup’s name too, Buddy. Nothing could contain the tears of joy as her own therapy dog was presented to her. “Is it really mine?” the girl squealed, covering her face in disbelief.

Her mom knew the girls would be out of her wits about the surprise, but her reaction turned out to be pure magic. Summer screamed, but gathered herself quickly, so as not to scare the puppy and her first instinct was to protect him. Cherie is, sadly, allergic to dog hair, so the Chihuahua was the best option for her daughter, who was born with cerebral palsy, that affects the right side of Summer’s body.

Children born with hemiplegia struggle with confidence and anxiety, making Summer’s young life that much more difficult, as she can’t go anywhere without a chaperone. Peers can be cruel to healthy kids, can you even imagine how they have been treating this poor girl, without the ability to understand her condition?

After a recent stay at the hospital due to a bout of epileptic attacks, doctors told the mother that Summer might benefit greatly from having a therapy dog. That way, she can have a little friend with her every step of the way. Now, Summer looks forward to the weekends, she has someone to look out for, rather than being the one needing looking out for and it has increased her confidence greatly. Not to mention a drop in her anxiety levels and in the severity of her seizures.