Golden Retriever Burps at Owner after being scolded for Mud Bath

Published May 21, 2019

Rumble This is Honey Bun. She’s an 18 month old Golden Retriever that loves the mud...especially after a day of rain. She loves a good long bath as long as it’s followed by another day at the mud spa.

Golden Retrievers are amazing creatures and that is quite obvious as they are one of the most popular and beloved dogs around the world. These beauties are loyal and incredibly loving with their owners. If you want a faithful companion to be by your side, look no further.

If you’re not bothered by wet morning kisses and lots of sofa snuggle time, this is the dog for you! While most Goldens never meet a stranger, if you’re looking for a guard dog you should probably look elsewhere. That initial bark to the unknown quickly turns into a tail wagging hello signaling a newfound friendship between your pup and the stranger at the door or the critter in the bushes. There will be days you find yourself chasing your golden through the park or even in your own back yard with your favorite shoe in his mouth, but rest assured, life will change for the better with a Golden Retriever.

The golden glitter strands and fuzz balls they leave behind are simple reminders that no matter how many lint rollers we own or how much we have to dust and vacuum, life wouldn’t be the same without them. So...enjoy the chewed up table legs, expensive unused dog beds, the indestructible dog toys destroyed on day one and every other nuisance you may feel for a brief moment because in the end, you know it really doesn’t matter. The bond created between man and dog is one of the most precious gifts we have been given and one to be cherished. Golden glitter strands and all.

They say Goldens are happiest when they are near their humans and I can attest, I’m happiest when I’m with mine.

Life is better with a Golden!