Impatient Mother Cat Pushes Kitten Into Box In Southern China

Newsflare Published May 20, 2019 13,658 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensIf you ask a child who is their favorite parent, 90% of them will say their mother. A mother is the most important role model in every child’s life. Mothers are the source of life, and they are the ones who make our life easier, with their love and care we feel like we can conquer the world. They are our guide and our teacher, and they also act like our best friends who will always be by our side no matter what.

The role of the mother in our lives is always unique and precious than others who are involved in our life. We are genuinely cherished and cared for by our mothers every minute all through the day. She never requires back anything from her kids; instead, she loves us with their big heart. We as a child, also love and care her from our heart, but our love cannot be compared with her.

They were here for us to teach us what wrong and what’s right. How to make the right moves in life, how to be, and how to be brave. Even that meant to be a little bit harsh on us, and we knew that it is for our good. Well, it’s the same in the animal kingdom. Mother will be there for their kids, and they will make them the strongest and the bravest to survive that kingdom.

This mother tried to make her kitten braver, and the outcome from that lesson was this amusing and adorable video. This mother pushed her kitten into the cardboard box after waiting for a while for the kitten to make a move and was scared to jump; the mother decided to help the baby and make a move for him.

This funny video was taken in Nanchang City; China reveals the young kitty anxiously evaluating the fall - which seems to be only a few inches - from the edge of the cardboard container. But, her mother was so impatient with her jump that she decided to give the kitten a little push, which made the little kitten tumble into the padded tin container within the cardboard box.

Before the mother cat pushed her newborn into the box, the person recording the event can be seen adjusting the metal box, moving it closer to the kitten to soften the fall. Cats are amazing animals and apparently amazing mothers!