Cheeky Goat Kids Play On Roof Of Texas Man's Car

Newsflare Published May 16, 2019 2,285 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsGoats are not the type of animals that will cuddle in your lap or follow you around the yard unless you have some food in your pocket. But they are very nice, playful and will happily amuse themselves.

"Goats are literally the best animals ever! Take a look at this video of hilarious goat kids was dancing on the roof of his owner car. It is so entertaining! Animals and their perky behavior never fail to make us laugh! Baby goats are adorable, and they boost our mood instantly.
They act so weird and make funny noises that you will probably want to own one too! It turns out that the only thing cuter than baby goats is other baby animals playing with them. It promises endless fun! Just like in this video, When owner checking on his animals at the Ima Survivor Sanctuary in Texas, he spotted a couple of cheeky kids was dancing on the roof of his car.

The cute little fella has a lot of energy to spare and cannot seem to hide it. And his weird looking friends are both afraid and excited by the performance. The goat stands on its back legs; can you imagine a sweeter sight than this? Every now and then, we all need a little something to brighten our day!"

The loveable video was captured in Longhorn Bull Texas on May 7, Lester Morrow owner of Ima Survivor Sanctuary spotted two bottle-fed one-month-old goat kids Shirley and Huck hopping on his car roof, to his frustration and amusement. The two cute kids had somehow found their way onto the car, having been kept in the house while being bottle-fed, with Morrow commenting: "How did you get up there?" He continued when baby goats kept on climbing on the car roof: "You are going to scratch up my new car! It is not even a year old yet!"

The Ima Survivor Sanctuary was founded in Cleveland, Texas following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey to home many of the animals affected by the storm. The Sanctuary is an ongoing non-profit effort to care for donkeys and other animals, run by high school teacher Lester Morrow. He posts regular content from the Sanctuary on his Instagram @imasurvivorsanctuary as well as on his Facebook channel for the Ima Survivor Sanctuary.

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    They love to be on the top of jeep

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