US man starts brawl at Los Angeles sushi restaurant after racist comments

Newsflare Published May 14, 2019

Rumble A man started a brawl in a restaurant in Long Beach, Los Angeles, on Sunday (May 12) after hurling racist remarks at customers and staff.

The man is heard calling another customer "monkey man" after being refused seating in the restaurant and is seen making ape-like gestures at Aburi sushi restaurant.

Ivan, who filmed this incident, told Newsflare: "He was visibly upset that he was not being seated, he didn't understand the modern waiting list. At this point, he has the attention of all the restaurant goers for his obnoxiously rude and loud behaviour.

"After a customer in the sushi restaurant tells the man to leave, a shouting match ensues between them. The guy shouted racial remarks at them repeatedly, 'monkey man' while making chimpanzee gestures."

The racist remarks lead to a brawl involving the angry man, customers and staff ending in the racist being kicked out of the restaurant.

At the end of the video, a black woman throws punches at the man after he makes a lunge in the direction of the racially abused man.