Mom Cuddles Her Premature Baby For The First Time

Published May 14, 2019 718,576 Views

Rumble / Priceless MomentsThis video is about a first time mother who gave birth to her daughter. Her daughter was born prematurely at 26 weeks. Lucy has shared the emotional moment when she cuddled her baby for the first time. The clip is also very captivating as the whole process around her birth is being shown on screen. How this little baby girl needs to be helped by the machines to breath and stay alive. A baby is already such a fragile human, but once you see a clip like this one you understand how fragile they really are. This baby that was name Freya, is such a tiny human being, her head seems way smaller than usual, her limbs are also thinner and shorter. All we can hope is that this baby gets to live a healthy and enjoyable life. Babies born prematurely have higher chances of having medical conditions once they grow older. That is something heartbreaking to hear.

Natasha Bjork Johnson, 31, was left devastated when she went into labor 14 weeks early with her daughter, Freya, last January. The second part of the video is when Natasha gets to hold and cuddle her first daughter. The nurse is the first one holding the baby and getting it ready to be in her mother’s arm. The nurse then proceeds to get closer to the mom and get the baby in her arms. The mom is really happy to get to hold her baby, yet she is really calm and patient with her moves.

The clip is of a good quality, the person recording the moment was standing near enough so get to witness this heartwarming moment but far enough where that person wouldn’t interfere with the nurses and the doctors around the baby. A really soft music was added to the clip which makes it even more relaxing and enjoyable. The person recording the moment must have been someone close to Natasha. Maybe it is even her husband, which would be the dad of this newborn baby girl. Natasha looked briefly at the camera a few times but her main focus was on her newborn child for the whole video. Such a unique moment in a mother’s life is very important and filled with emotions, this footage was able to captured that forever, to be shared with anyone. It is all about spreading love.