Gorillas Skillfully Dodge Heavy Rainfall At South Carolina Zoo

StoryfulNews Published May 10, 2019 26,646 Plays

Rumble / Wild WildlifeSick of all the rain? Humans are not the only ones giving the wet weather two opposable thumbs down.A video, which has since gone viral, shows four adult western lowland gorillas trying to stay dry by huddling under an overhang in their enclosure whilst making some hilarious expressions. As one of them makes an escape from the rain, others including two female gorillas clutching their babies follow suit, each making a human-like face to express their disgust for the rain. Since being posted, the video has been watched thousands of times.

The group, including two mothers cradling their babies, was filmed as they sheltered from the downpour at the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbus, South Carolina. At first, they seemed content to wait out the storm in a dry corner of a building, as one of the mothers appeared to lean out to check on the weather.

An adult western lowland gorilla named Acacia then decided to make a break for it, skirting close the wall to head for an indoor enclosure. As a crowd of human visitors watches through a window, the remaining three hesitate for a few seconds before a keeper rang a bell to call them inside.
The two mothers, Macy and Kazi, rushed through carrying their babies Mo and Zakota, followed by the dominant male silverback Cenzoo. Their bared-teeth grimaces as they did so were described as “relatable” by the zoo in a Facebook post.

Zookeepers said they 'can sure see why' the video has been viewed more than 10 million times, seeing as the gorillas' 'expressions are so relatable' to humans not liking the rain, according to a story full news.

The Hilarious video was first shared on Facebook by zoo employee Broke Hun singer, and then on the official Riverbanks Zoo page. It has collected millions of views and thousands of comments since being shared on the internet.

Broke Hunsinger, the keeper who filmed the gorillas, said: “Gorillas are magnificent, majestic creatures full of beauty and grace, except when it rains.

Some social media users suggested they send the gorillas umbrellas.

"This is so hilarious! What a great video! The silver-back waited until the mother and babies went inside first," said another.
"I bet I have seen it 10 times and get tickled over their facial expressions," a third added.

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