Toddler Can't Stop Laughing As He Plays Drums With Dad

Storyful Published May 10, 2019 15,409 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsBonding with one’s child is especially important when building a relationship. Every parent chooses a different path, but it always has something to do with their own favorite pastimes.

That is why some dads choose to play catch with their kids, others take them to a basketball court or to a football field. They share their favorite things in the world, in the hopes that their sons and daughters will catch onto their hobbies and it will means they will spend more times with their parents.

These little bonding activities are almost always successful. Sure, sometimes the kids might find the activity repulsive and end up hating it. It is, after all, a matter of taste. But more often than not, kids actually love what their parents show them and become avid golf players, basketball players, jugglers, or even drummers.

Now, come to think of it, drums may not be the best pastime to teach a little kid, especially while they are still toddlers. Those little ones just love banging on stuff! Some cool aunts and uncles may find it adorable to bring a toy drum set for their niece or nephew, but as soon as the guests leave the house, that kid will not stop banging those drums! It can be very annoying.

Still, it is a musical instrument, one we don’t get to see very often, so maybe it was a good idea to teach this little guy how to beat them after all. He certainly looks like he is having a blast, with dad right behind him to show him the ropes.

Dad starts the count off to their drum solo and the kid flashes his baby teeth smile. This will be fun! Dad looks like he knows exactly what he is doing, but what he forgets is that he is probably 10 times bigger than his toddler son. With the drumsticks in the kids hands and dad’s hands wrapped around them, we get to witness the cutest, funniest drum solo that was ever captured on camera!

We really hope that mom doesn’t mind and that she is used to the ruckus. Right now it sound pretty great, given the quality of the drum set and the size...but what happens whan dad leaves the room and the kid all to himself….with a bunch of noise making boxes and sticks to bang on them?! It will be quite the show!