Guy Gets Ex-Girlfriend Tattoo Covered Up With Amazing Samurai

Published May 10, 2019 16,989 Plays

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleThe following video is about a body art form that has been getting more and more attention the last couple years. Tattooing is really a old practice that has many different uses and history. In western culture tattoos are more and more accepted across the different countries. Social media was used by artist to promote their work and get their appointment books filled up.

Although tattooing is more accepted nowadays and popularized, there’s always a chance of getting a bad tattoo. There is a lot of cases of bad tattoos but in the one from the video, the issue is that he had a portrait and the name of his ex girlfriend. The least expensive and least painful way to get rid of a tattoo is to do a cover up. Certain tattoo artist specialize in cover ups. Depending on the size and the condition of your tattoo, some artist can do wonders. Like the artist featured in the clip that turned the portrait and the lettering into a samurai head.

The cover up was done by Federico Cornetto, a talented tattooist that transformed his client’s old tattoo into this new piece of art. Even while being attention to the details, there is no way to tell that another tattoo was once at this exact same place.

The helmet of this fearsome samurai is incredibly done by the artist, we can see every little detail in the helmet or on the mask. The part situated underneath the helmet has been shaded with black ink to give depth to the tattoo and also to cover the letters of the name of the ex-girlfriend.

The person that got this new tattoo is Trung Tadashi, aged 41, from Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam. He decided to cover up the unwanted ink that he once got to show a young lady’s face, that was representing his ex girlfriend. The process was captured and sped up while editing, to show the whole experience as the artist meticulously worked to hide the older piece. From the beginning of the video where we get to see the artist drawing with a pencil on the client’s skin. Deciding which area where gonna be hidden by which side of the helmet. Then he started by doing the shading on the face of the previous lady. Shading is a long process in tattooing that uses a machine with more needle that the normal machines. This tattoo has a lot of shades.