Alligator Casually Strolls Along The Beach

Storyful Published May 9, 2019 15,233 Plays

Rumble / Wild WildlifeBefore we dive into why you should watch this video (and you should definitely watch this video!), we feel obliged to remind that if you should ever encounter an alligator while going about the course of your day, your best bet is to leave the vicinity as quickly as possible, rather than trying to the alligator around with a video camera—because gators can move surprisingly quickly on land! Having said that, we’re still glad that intrepid amateur videographer Kathy Sykes of Oak Island, North Carolina was able to capture this footage when, while walking home from work one afternoon, she spotted this gator taking a casual afternoon stroll along the shore.

First spotting “the dark shape near the water,” as she later told Storyful, she quickly snapped into action with her cell phone camera, and the result is the footage you’ll see here. Apparently she had to track the gator for about an hour before she was able to get close enough to film the reptile—which brings us back to our original warning that it is NOT a great idea to spend an hour tracking an alligator! What strikes us most about this video—other than the brave and possibly foolish actions of Kathy Sykes—is how unusual it is to spot a gator on the beach (unless you live in a Gulf Coast state) because, unlike the crocodile counterparts, alligators generally prefer freshwater habitats, and thus aren’t likely to spend too much time sunning on the sand and surf. What we’re saying is that it’s unlikely that you’ll be forced to fend off or otherwise deal with an alligator the next time you take yourself and the family down to the shore for a beach day—which isn’t to say that it’s not always a good idea to keep your eyes peeled for potential marine hazards (alligators included).

Hopefully, watching this video is as close to a real live alligator in the wild as you’re ever going to get, which means that you should definitely click on the Play button without losing another moment. It’s certainly easier (and safer!) than heading out yourself with your camera in the hopes of landing your own alligator footage. There’s something hypnotically lovely about the reptile’s sinuous motions as he works his way down the shore against the incoming tide, and we wouldn’t want you to miss it for the world.