Fluffy Pomeranian Confused After Owner Hides Behind Door

Newsflare Published May 9, 2019 19,168 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs are funny, and possibly some of the best comedians around (albeit inadvertent ones). Don’t believe us? Then check out this hilarious video for Exhibit A. Tuay-foo is a pampered Pomeranian living in Nakhon Sawan in central Thailand. Like most dogs, he’s exquisitely attentive to the sound of his human’s voice, always ready to come running when he hears his name called. So imagine his confusion when her owner—Aor Pimrada, age 30—called his name and he came running…only to find that his human wasn’t there!

Actually, Aor was there, secretly hiding behind a door where Tuay-foo couldn’t see her, which created quite a bit of adorable confusion (and more than a few laughs each and every time we’ve watched this video—a number that we’ll admit is about to get into the double digits). Poor Tuay-foo ended up running back and forth through the door without realizing that Aor had been hiding so close to him (and yet so very far away) the entire time. The game was eventually brought to an end when Aor’s boyfriend showed up and clued Tuay-foo in on Aor’s location—although we hear that the first experience apparently didn’t teach Tuay-foo everything he needed to know to avoid falling for the same trick the second time around.

Says Aor, “He looked very funny when he ran all over the place. I could tell how confused he was when he couldn’t find me. I gave him another chance later that day, but he still missed me.” We can’t help thinking that a cat might have caught on to this trick a little more quickly than Tuay-foo the Pomeranian did, although at this point that’s just a matter of speculation. It’s probably not important to try to figure out whether cats are actually smarter than dogs, or whether they learn more from first experiences.

The truly important thing is that this entire hilarious exchange was caught on video and made available to entertain the whole world with the adorable antics of a single dog in Thailand, doing what dogs to best (i.e. keeping us entertained). We anticipate laughs aplenty when you finally hit the Play button on this one, followed by the overwhelming desire to share the video with everyone you know who loves dogs (which, let’s face it, is probably just about everyone you know), or simply anyone who needs a good <a href="https://rumble.com/v6qqud-contagious-baby-laugh.html" target="_blank">laugh</a today.