Despite Odds Stacked Against Her Puppy Aces Jenga Move

Storyful Published May 7, 2019 10,451 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesMeet Remy — an excellent young pup who might be somewhat of a gathering amusement wonder.

From the minute Ashley Agapiou brought home the 5-month-old chocolate Lab, she could tell the little pup was exceptional. "Remy's identity is irresistible," Molly Agapiou, Ashley's sister, disclosed to The Dodo. "She completely cherishes demonstrating to you her new toys and bones by climbing all over you and showing them on your face."

In any case, Remy's folks didn't find what a capable strategist she was until they chose to set up a March Madness party. For the individuals who weren't keen on watching basketball, a round of Jenga was set up in the front room. In any case, nobody appeared to be keen on the stacked squares — aside from Remy.

"Everybody was extremely centered around the amusement, as it was a major play," Agapiou said. "Be that as it may, I couldn't have cared less much about the amusement, so I was viewing Remy and saw her charmed with the Jenga diversion."

Agapiou took out her phone and began recording Remy sniffing around the wooden pinnacle. The exemplary round of physical and mental aptitude is hard for somebody with even the steadiest of hands. In any case, for Remy, the test was welcome — even with zero involvement.

"This was really the first occasion when they played the Jenga diversion," Agapiou said. "So Remy had never observed the pieces."

At that point, Remy stunned Agapiou when she pawed at one of the base squares — a dangerous move — and utilized her mouth to tenderly pull it out. The Jenga tower quickly wobbled then corrected itself.

Agapiou recorded the entire thing on camera and presented the video to social media. Remy's Jenga win became a web sensation — getting more than 400,000 likes on Twitter in only a couple of brief days.

The video even roused other pet guardians to share their pooches' endeavors at Jenga.

"It was certainly just karma that she went for the piece that happened to be free enough for her to get!" Agapiou said. "We were all in absolute stun by what simply occurred."

Remy gladly jogged off with the piece, taking it under the table to praise her triumph.

"Ordinarily, we don't give her a chance to have things that aren't her very own toys," Agapiou said. "Be that as it may, we figured she had the right to bite on it for a tad after that great tangle!"