Python Caught Inside Taxi Suspension

Published May 7, 2019

Rumble Python Caught Inside Taxi Suspension
A python was caught after it slithered inside a taxi while it was in the garage undergoing repairs. The pink Toyota cab was parked up inside building while mechanics were fixing a faulty gearbox. But at some point, a python slithered across the shop floor and entered the vehicle - wrapping itself around the springs on the front wheel shaft. Expert snake catcher Phinyo Pukphinyo, 49, was called and had to remove part of the wheel arch with a ratchet before he could reach the python. He then used one hand to carefully unravel the reptile from the repair shop in Bangkok, Thailand, on April 20. Phinyo said: ''It's quite common for snakes to get inside cars where they like to shelter from the rain or the cold weather.''