Tiny Kittens Follow Their Favorite Human In A Purr-Ade

Published May 3, 2019 76,162 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsIf there is one thing that most people cannot associate cats with, it’s following their humans around. Isn’t that supposed to be a dog’s trait? Being fixated on the alpha of the pack that is that household, as if they are stuck to their heel?

Well, one thing that most of these people do not know is that cats can get just as fixated on their humans as dogs! It is called imprinting, recognizing someone as the mother they were separated from and sticking to them for comfort. The bond between a mother and her offspring is very important in the development of every young creature on this planet and if a kitten has been separated from its mom too early, they may suffer from separation anxiety. That’s where we step in.

Which is probably what happened to this litter of seven four-week-old kitties in Texas.

That’s John Harville in the front. According to his daughter Olivia, the man loves making up tunes to whistle around and annoy the folks in his household. While his family might not appreciate John’s musical talents, these kitties seem like they do. While John shuffles in their backyard, seven sets of itty bitty paws try to keep up with his movements, hopping through the grass that looks like it’s up to their shoulders!

There is a perfect reason why these kittens are so fixated to their big, two-legged dad. All of them were given up for foster care with the Harvilles when they were just two weeks old and they had to be bottle fed.

If you listen closely, between John’s whistling and the humming of the wind, you can hear the itty kitties crying behind him. That is their natural response when they ask for their parent, or in the case, their guardian. When a kitten cried, its mom will routinely respond, developing confidence in return. She will groom and comfort her babies, which helps develop their nervous system. If baby cats are well tended, their self-esteem will be higher, they will grow up to be smarter and will be able to regulate their emotions better as they age.

This might explain if your cat is moody or indecisive. If you received your feline companion when she was too young, chances are she might have needed far more attention and grooming from you back then and is badly expressing herself now. It’s never too late to shower her with some more love though. Just make sure you take the necessary precautions, just in case.

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