Three-Year-Old Girl Says She Can't Go To Bed Because Of Hilarious Reason

Newsflare Published May 1, 2019 1,459 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsIt is easy to understand why bedtime is such a battle, all kids just want to have fun and entertainment, and there is nothing fun about going to sleep. Unless, of course, if you are the parent and you count on those precious hours of quiet, adult time. It can be aggravating when kids start stalling, but sometimes you just cannot help but laugh. Here are some of the hilariously clever ways kids have come up with to stop going to bed.

For kids, It is so impenetrable to be a kid, especially when your parents do not give you what you want. It is also hard for them because they want to give their children everything they wish or they want, for their health. In some cases, kids do not know what is good for them, so that’s when their moms and dads explode in to face their little ones with the funny truth.

Lots of kids’ reactions can be so funny and sweet. Even if they cry or give reasons with their hearts out because they haven’t received what they wanted, still they know how to be adorable little "monsters". Children say the dandiest things, especially when it comes to telling minute (fake) stories to try to get away with something.
This hilarious video shows a little three-year-old girl in North Carolina claimed she couldn't sleep.

a little three-year-old girl just realized that she can attempt to get away with things if she bends the truth just a little bit. But what she doesn’t realize is that she almost always has a smirk on her face when she’s lying. They are completely unbelievable.
Young Aria explained to her mother, Chasity: "my throat is making my butt hurt, that's why I cannot go to bed." She tells a funny lie for the very best of intention but gets it completely wrong. Her mom did not quite believe this explanation, but played along and requested if she could do anything to help,

The little girl then asked for her mom to put a band-aid on her arm, which she assured would make her neck and by extension, her butt feels great.
This little girl has the most gorgeous hair and she looks like a little innocent angel, but her inner voice shows a whole new character.

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    That is hilarious!!! Kids say the darnedest things!!

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