Python Caught After Eating Prized Rooster

Published April 24, 2019

Rumble This is the shocking moment a giant python was caught in a chicken coop after it swallowed a prized fighting rooster. Jirapong Dumkham, 42, was going to give food to his chickens when he was stunned to see the wild beast with its huge belly curled in the coop in Chachoengsao, central Thailand, on April 22. The owner heard his chickens making strange noise but at first he was not concerned about it and went back to bed. But when Jirapong went into the coop in the morning to give them food her noticed that there were only two chickens inside while the rooster, worth 4,500 baht (100GBP), had disappeared. He walked around to look for his missing pet, which was also his most expensive one, and was shocked to see the uninvited snake had already eaten it. He said: “I could tell from his stomach that it must eaten my pet and could not get out of the coop. He was the only rooster I got and he was the pedigreed chicken that was worth 4,500 baht.’’ Officers from Chachoengsao rescue service responded to Jirapong’s call. They used snake catcher sticks to trap the python which was curled up in a small hole under the wooden board while digesting its expensive meal. The ravenous python, measuring three feet long, was bagged up to be released it back into the wild.