Little Girl Dons Hot Dog Costume At Bedtime To 'Ketchup' On Some Sleep

Storyful Published April 23, 2019 1,700 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsParents often have to choose their battles wisely. When the Clem siblings of Alabama wanted to wear costumes to bed rather of pajamas, their daddy allowed them to pick their own outfits.

Lucy Jo, Four, donned a Frozen-themed Princess Elsa clothes while her junior sister, Norah, two, went an entirely different way."Norah wanted a costume too, so she is a hot dog," Micah Clem can be heard saying in the video while laughing.

Kid’s parties are such fun! They can be incredibly entertaining, especially those ones who dress up as superheroes or other interesting characters.
But, if the costume they chose is a bit spine-chilling or even scary, things can easily become funny! Just check out this video clip and you will see what I mean. It is so funny that you really do not want to miss this one!

It shows Micah Clem’s young daughters Lucy Jo and Nora wanted to wear costumes to bed, he allowed them to choose their outfits. Nora, however, chose something quite impractical. While Lucy Jo chose a comfortable Frozen-themed Princess Elsa costume, Norah, though, decided being a hot dog was her best path to sweet dreams.

"Lucy Jo wanted to wear a costume to bed instead of jammies, so she picked out Elsa because it is kinda like jammies, it looks comfy," Micah says in a video on his Instagram.
His other daughter Nora, in a classic younger sibling move, obviously wanted to get in on the nighttime costume action. "Nora wanted a costume, too," Micah says, as the camera pans to Nora. He adds, through laughs, "So she is a hot dog." Dad could not hold back his giggles, and once he posted the video to Instagram viral fame (and “ketchup on sleep” jokes) followed.

“For other people to see the Norah we see every day is really fun,” Clem told “Good Morning America.”

The dad followed up the video with a photo of Lucy Jo and Nora both sound asleep in their respective costumes, and Nora looks like she's getting the best damn sleep of her life. It seems like some heroes wear buns. The video (which you can see by clicking here and also below) has pulled in more than 100,000 views in just a few days.

A North Carolina hot dog company even (jokingly) offered Norah their CEO Job. The family since has been featured on Fox News, Good Morning America, which you can see here, and many other broadcasts.

Clem says his girls do not understand what it means to “be on TB,” so the viral fame has not gone to their heads. Norah also has not slept in the hot dog costume again. Clem said he thinks maybe the sweat it caused was too much for her to bear.