Rare Crystal-Encrusted Lamborghini Spotted In Central London

Newsflare Published April 23, 2019 27,358 Plays

Rumble There’s bling and then there’s bling—and then there’s the shiny new ride shown in this video, which truly has to be seen to be believed! On full and blinding display is a one of a kind, crystal encrusted Lamborghini, spotted outside the Lanesborough Hotel in London, England. The car has been customized with the addition of thousands of crystals, created by the Swarovski jewelry company, emblazoned all over it, and all we can say is that it hits that sweet spot between impressive and gaudy.

This supercar, an Aventador SV, is already a rarity—one of only six hundred that were ever produced. Not quite rare enough for Russian model Daria Radionova, however, who owns the Lamborghini and took the extra step of having the car emblazoned and nearly completely covered in crystal. Radinova is something of a car aficionado, and owns several other impressive supercars, all of which may be seen in all their glory on her Instagram account. This jaw dropping video footage, captured on April 20th of this year, was shot by Kush Shah, who told Newsflare: “I was shocked and excited as this is already a super rare car—six hundred only produced and not many in London. But to see one that is covered in Swarovski crystals makes it the only one of its kind in the world!” Upon touching the car, Shah added, “It felt rough, like running your hand over tarmac or a large hole cheese grater!”

It certainly comes as no surprise to hear that a car sporting that much glass would be rough to the touch, no matter how smooth it might be to the eyes. But, given its unicorn level of rarity, it’s definitely worth your time to take a gander at this footage. So if you haven’t hit Play yet, you should definitely do so now—and then be sure to share this one with any of the car fanatics (or bling fanatics, or obsessive followers of supermodels) who might be on your contacts list. We’re guessing that you know a couple of people who fit into at least one of those categories! We’re not quite sure that this is what we would do with our money if we had this kind of money to throw around—but our hat is definitely off to Ms. Radionova for knowing exactly what she likes and having the moxie to go for it!