Couple Create Game Of Thrones-Themed Bed For Their Dog

Storyful Published April 22, 2019 34,031 Plays

Rumble / Entertainment LifeThe 8th season of Game Of Thrones is just started. While you wait to see how everything ends for your favorite characters, you can spoil your pet with Game of Thrones toys, plush dragons, outfits.

Matt Lee and Michelle Yeo celebrated the release of a new series of Game of Thrones in a special way by building a dog bed for their Chihuahua Pica, modeled on the famed iron throne that features in the popular Drama series. Yes, the throne everyone is fighting for. It is not unusual for the couple to build an item this elaborate: Matt also runs a design company, Divergn Designs, dedicated to creating elaborate medieval shields.

They also made an amazing Game of throne inspired things to show their love for the one of most watched TV series till date. From chairs to cakes; a number of Game of throne themed objects are getting viral attention on the internet.
Your pet will be able to sleep all day like the king or queen that they know they are. Just look at this cute little bed; you know your little dire wolf would love it.
Matt recorded this adorable video of Michelle gently depositing Pica on her new bed while the couple sang an Aptitude variation of the Game of Thrones theme tune.

If you are like many pet owners who treat their cats and dogs like royalty, perhaps you will agree they deserve nothing less than a throne to sleep on. And if you are a fan of Game of Thrones, what is better than a miniature Iron Throne? Although the real deal does not look like the comfiest of seats, this pet bed version designed by Michelle Yeo and Matt Lee is super soft and cozy. After all, In season, your fluffy kings and queens will need a warm place to take naps in between their royal duties.

The handmade pet bed is constructed from soft foam rubber and features a comfortable textile covering. Finished in grey color, this cute little dog bed is handmade from fleece, plastic, silver tissue and polyester filling. It is decked with plastic swords painted in silver color, making it look exactly like the Iron Throne.

Each piece is decorated with pretend silver swords and includes a soft central pillow filled with a fluffy material called sintepon. According to Michelle Yeo, inside the bed together or they can battle it out to win the throne for themselves.