'Spring Cleaning' Parrot Takes a Ride on a Roomba

Storyful Published April 22, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsPetra the African grey parrot is a big technology fan, having previously hit the headlines for her use of Amazon’s Alexa device. Now, she’s getting to grips with a Roomba robot vacuum. One of Petra’s owners captured this video of the clever parrot overseeing the Roomba’s work from a perch on top of the robot in her Missouri home. He said, “Petra loves home automation. She turns the lights and music on and off using Alexa and Google Home daily. We thought we’d let her try out the Roomba.” Petra’s owner gave further insight into her talents. He said she has a “300-350 word vocabulary” and “often puts together her own sentences, and can respond to situations in the appropriate context.” One example he pointed to was when “we had a family member come in the room and Petra said: ‘you’re a big person.’ We never taught her that, and she was correct, he is huge.” More of her vocabulary and use of technology can be seen in videos on her YouTube channel. Credit: PetraGrey via Storyful