Confused Kitten Baffled By Owner's Magic Trick

Published April 22, 2019 4,033,142 Views $7.23 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensHave you ever been on the receiving end of a magic trick? Sure, we all know that that card is tucked away in the sleeve and that ball is hidden into a pocket somewhere, but man. It really is awesome to see them move so fast, that you just can’t catch it. You have nothing left to do but to admire their skills and agility, the amount of time and effort they have put into their craft. It is pretty extraordinary to see.

We adults may have some, maybe even a slight insight into the working behind a simple magic trick, but being able to witness kids see them for the very first time is quite the treat. Their minds are open to any kind of possibility, so why not the possibility of someone having super powers?

Kids might eventually grow up to distrust these tricks, but animals will never learn how to see through them. And that, ladies and gents, is the true treat! Just check out how this little kitten marvels at her owner’s ability to toss, or rather hide, a playing card into thin air. She even looks around the room for the card, as if waiting for it to magically appear out of nowhere!

The man and his girlfriend are having a field trip with their poor pet kitty. He teases the cat with a couple of moves, before finally “throwing” the card into the air on the third one. We can see that the ace of spades is tucked away into the palm of his hand, thanks to the handy camera angle. But the poor kitty looks in the direction of the tips of his fingers with eyes wide open and in awe. That is so sweet!

“Well done,” he says, as he re-shuffles the deck of cards in his hand and gives the trick another try. He waves the card once, then once more and then bam! On the third move of his hand, the card is gone once more and the cat is even more flabbergasted than before. She was keeping such a close eye on that card, only for it to vanish into thin air? How does he do that? Why does he do that? And where is that ace of spades?

We can not stop giggling at that kitten’s facial expression and she looks towards the ceiling, probably in the hopes that she might find something there. Poor sweet thing.